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DIY Photo Business Card for Free – Biglietto da Visita del Fotografo DIY Gratis (o quasi) Fai da Te-

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Happy because of my experiences at the Carnival of Venice and Lucca Comics Festival , where it is almost a must exchange the ticket to be conattati Cosplay and masks and on the advice of , I decided I also must have of business cards from Cuocografo , I worked in his spare time for almost a month, you knows to save a few dollars you spend a lot of time but the result was satisfactory

The first thing to do is read up, then via Google and the first in Italian and then in English and see what others have done, not only the BIG. Well I must say that there are tickets beautiful, but also horrendous, but we’ll take this time to sample the first!

We then need to make us three questions:

As we propose, what we propose, and last but not least, what we are willing to spend.

I have responded well, starting from the third question.

As little as possible, as much as possible, be yourself.

To spend as little as possible, and propose a business from Cuocografo  the only was to do it on photo paper and look for something with Google who makes offer for printing photos ‘Free’ , it’s amazing what the Network has to offer.

Well I chose the offer of Aruba, I have seen the maximum size that could be achieved with minimal effort (5 euros) and from there I started.

The idea is to get the most with the least effort, creating a series of different cards from each other, I thought Then we go to split the 4 pictures in the future, then get 4 tickets and setting up each one of these 4 parties a ten thumbnail of my 50 choices, using a base of the Top 10, so having 40 different cards from each other. These are the different phases

View of the Work in Illustrator

The Photo used as Basement

The Font I Use

With the signs for cutting

No thumbnail

The Base with cropping

The first 4 are ready for printing

Here is the finished work

The file in Illustrator without photos


The One  complete with everything is more than 60mb someone wants?

Since I do most types of photos, I looked in my huge archives and find 50 different photos from , , landscapes, , portraits, nude, drops, , concerts. 50 From these I selected 10 that I would use as a primer.

The 50 photos I have arranged in different ways taking into account the subject, I got 40 pictures with 10 different cards, the size of the prints are 170mm to 110mm, enough to get 4 tickets.

To achieve the desired result then I did the following:

Created in Illustrator, the master, and whyAruba does not accept TIFF, or PDF will have first saved in TIFF with no loss, then loaded with Photoshop and saved as JPG maximum resolution, then using MyComposer from Aruba I uploaded the pictures, I decided how many copies, and with offers of Aruba at the end with 5 euro waiting 3 days now I have more than 200 tickets …. I can only distribute them!

Hope you enjoy my work


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