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Trip Advisor…… 3 Recensione….8 settembre 2011

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Chi si loda si imbroda…… lo so, ma a me il brodo piace!


“A must for visitors in the area”
5 su 5 stelleRecensita il 8 settembre 2011NOVITÀ
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This is one of my favorite restaurants in the area, and I come here pretty often. Every time people come I have to bring them here. Many menus in Italy are very similar, but Luca (owner and chef) does a great job of mixing it up.

I definitely recommend ordering the “Aeolia menu” which consists of an amazing salad, pasta, steak, and desert. But recently I’ve ventured out and tried other things on the menu and they have all been excellent dishes (great lamb!). They also make their own which is excellent.

Beautiful restaurant and garden, great food, great wine, and great service.

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