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ricette-desserts-Clafoutis Grapes & Rosemary

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ricette-desserts-Clafoutis Grapes & Rosemary

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In clafoutis grapes and rosemary , the presence of rosemary may confuse you , but do not worry the result will be fantastic


GRAPE 300 gr
SUGAR 100 gr
FLOUR 50 g
EGGS 2 – a bag of yeast
2 sprigs rosemary 1 pinch of salt
SUGAR for coverage – q.s.



The clafoutis is a that is prepared at the last minute , quick and easy to prepare and cook with butter a mold
Being a to be served to the table without having to unmold , better to use a mold that it is nice to bring to the table .
Combine flour and sugar and baking powder .
add eggs and mix until the mixture is smooth , add salt and milk , obtained a smooth batter , add the chopped rosemary .
Arrange grapes and pour the batter into the mold .
Bake for 40 minutes
5 minutes from the end of cooking , sprinkle the clafoutis with sugar and put in the oven with the grill lit to caramelize the sugar on the surface .




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