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Æolia will be closing its doors on 19 February 2017

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Dear Friends of Ristorante Æolia:

It is with a sad heart that, on behalf of the Chemello Family, I write to let you know that Æolia will be closing its doors on 19 February  2017.  For fifty-three years, this historic landmark has welcomed patrons from many different countries.  Æolia has thrived because you have returned to us time and again to savor our delicious cuisine, experiencing real dining in the historic atmosphere and charm of this location.  And, in so doing, you have become our friends.

Æolia has been our home and our passion.  We have cherished the opportunity to serve you the highest quality in the most appealing surroundings.  But just because we will no longer be at the Æolia you knew, you still can find us at our new location LOCANDA VENETA, situated on Via Battaglione Valtellina 138, in Vicenza.  Our telephone number there is  0444 962395.

My mother, Agnese, and my son, Sebastiano, as well as the rest of our family, join me in extending special greetings to all of you and our sincere wishes that you will come to see us at our new location. You will find that the friendliness and ambiance you knew at Æolia will be the same at Locanda Veneta.  What’s equally important. . .the will be just as good and, we hope, may be even better!

We are just 10 km far from Ederle  here are the directions and just 5 Km from Del Din


We know that the uniqueness of Æolia cannot be replicated anywhere else.  But we are the same family and our culinary standards remain the highest possible.  We hope you will continue your patronage by joining us at LOCANDA VENETA.  As always, we will welcome you with the most delicious food, the finest wine and our friendship.

Most Sincerely,

Luca & Sebastiano

The Chemello’s Family


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