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Welcome to Æolia

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Welcome to Æolia

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Welcome to 

In the heart of , a small country town where, with only a short walk, you are able to admire a medieval village, historical villas and seven ancient churches, lies l’, an ancient dating back to the 15th century.

Within this corner of paradise, the Chemello family has over 50 years (from 1964) managed the AEolia restaurant, known for its traditional and yet innovative cuisine.  Spanning 3 generations, it presents a menu that is altered monthly, with the intention of satisfying all palates.
The restaurant boasts a frescoed dining room, dating back to the 16th century and a “natural air conditioning system”, taking its name from Eolo, god of the winds!
From outlets and crossing through a maze of ventiducts, air channels from the cellar in order to cool all rooms, as well as the garden area.
L’AEolia offers an excellent selection of homemade “”, created by Sebastiano.  He produces seasonal flavours (using only fresh fruit) and caters to those who are diabetic and/or lactose intolerant.
During the fine weather, you will be able to taste the various dishes and gelato whilst sitting beneath the large porch that welcomes you at the entrance of the restaurant, adjacent to the garden.
Our internet site of allows you to view the menu, read about special events and learn more about the quaintness of this restaurant.
You are also able to access the from within the premises via a WI-FI coverage that is continually active.
and Sebastiano, together with all , are always at your service to ensure that you enjoy every moment spent at l’AEolia.
It is their wish that each guest will take away with them a desire to return to Costozza; the pearl of the Berici Hills.
From 1964 
Over 50 years of traditional and innovative
cooking spanning three generations.

Satisfy your desire and return to AEolia
Luca and Sebastiano Chemello
Thanks to Sonia for Translation


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