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Desinar per Costozza 2014 Settimo Senso (english)

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Desinar per Costozza

Settimo Senso

A Dinner with history…
The small town of Costozza possesses an immense amount of artistic culture for tourists, which is not well known in Italy or the rest of the world. With the objective of promoting the restaurant , along with the participation of the community, we are going to have the annual event in the histor center of Costozza.
The event includes a dinner, an artistic competition with prizes for our local artists, a limited production of for the evening (precisely 1292 bottles), one or more displays and various other activities.
For this special occasion, the road and the main square of the town will be closed to traffic from 18.00 to 24.00.
The entire evening will be inspired by life in the town of Costozza as it would be in 1292. Our annual appointment with the history will be on 4 June 2014. Dinner will be served on the new piazza in the historic center of Costozza.
The price of the dinner will be 33 euros. Tickets will be sold in advance and will include the dinner, the wine of the evening, and one numbered bottle of wine featuring the winning label created especially for this occasion. In case of rain, the dinner will be take place inside the restaurant .

The Menu

In the outdoor area of Villa Morlini Æolia

The three cod creamy:  classic with Olives and grass maresina
with croutons of

A restaurant in New Square Costozza

Nest Polenta Marano DeCo with  ​​Pioppini Costozza DeCo and Valleys DeCo

Cream Peas Sprouted Lumignano and Trout DeCo

Carnaroli Rice Seasoned DeCo delle Abbesses of the rapunzel & Quail

Sacred Codfish (Vicentina Style ) and Profane (Black Truffle of the Bericis) with Polenta Marano DeCo

Praline Ice Cream Tart with Ricotta and Honey Barbarano

local wines of Costozza from the cellar of  Mattiello

Coffee DM & Spirits Dal Toso

Look  for infos at

Information and pre-sales at restaurant
Æolia, Piazza G. Da Schio, 1.
Costozza di , Vicenza Tel. 0444-555036


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